Set on the wooded shores of Loch Ness, and inspired by shocking true events, this tense and claustrophobic thriller is Psycho meets The Haunting of Hill House... 

Estate Agent Clara is struggling to make a sale. With her abusive ex-husband on the brink of finding where she's hiding, she needs to make a commission soon or lose her chance to escape.

Boleskine House has remained unsold for years, and Clara is sure that an 'innocent' fire will force the price down. But the perfect crime soon turns into the perfect nightmare: there was a witness, a stranger in the village, and he's not going to let Clara get away with it that easily…

At it’s core, this is a cautionary tale about religious fanaticism; a psychological thriller with a supernatural theme, proving that evil can lurk behind the most innocent of sins. 


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paperback out 21st MARCH 2019

The Burning House will be published in March 2019 and will be available in all good bookshops. You can preorder the novel here.