Hotelier Terrified By Faceless Spaceman

Sounds like a plot from a novel, right?

After the UFO sighting at the Broad Haven Primary School in 1977 – an incident that caught the attention of the world’s media – a flurry of sightings gripped the remote community. Indeed, such was the scale of public interest, the area soon became known as “The Broad Haven, or Welsh Triangle.”


The MP at the time, Nicholas Edwards wrote: "I am being inundated at the present time with representations about UFOs said to have been seen in Pembrokeshire." 

In April 1977 Rosa Granville, who ran the Haven Fort Hotel in Little Haven, was in bed at around 2.30am when she was awoken by strange noise and lights. She described seeing an object which looked like an "upside-down saucer" in the field next to the hotel and two 'faceless humanoid' creatures with pointed heads.

In a letter to her local MP she explained that the incident left her "agitated and disturbed and not the least bit desirous of another encounter". 

She told the BBC: "It was a bit like an upside-down saucer - it looked like a jelly to start with."

"There was so much heat - I was by the window - my face felt burned.

"There was light coming from it and flames of all colours. Then [the creatures] came out of these flames, that's what I don't understand.

"I shouted 'Hello, what are you doing there' - they looked faceless. I couldn't see their features."


What really happened in Broad Haven?

The truth is coming




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