A dream come true

So it’s official. And yes, it’s a dream come true. 

Thank you, firstly, for everyone’s kind messages of congratulations since ITV made their announcement. 

My debut, The Ghost Hunters, is to be adapted into a two hour movie for ITV. 

Filming on Harry Price: Ghost Hunter commences in September 2015 – the same month that my second novel,The Watchers, hits the shelves. 

There have been lots of questions, too, some of which I can answer, most of which I can’t (spoilers).  Will the film be a faithful adaptation?  Will it lead to a TV series? Who will play the enigmatic Harry Price? 

That decision is yet to be made, though there are some very interesting discussions happening. An announcement should be made shortly… 

And what about my involvement with the show? 

Firstly, I am retained as Creative Consultant, which means that the producers involve me in their discussions about the plot and ask me questions about the characters. 

No, I don’t have any say in their final decisions. Nor would I want to. The novel is an entity in its own right. My job was to write the book; it is the job of others who know about television adaptation to interpret that work. 

I don’t write the scripts, either. That task falls to Jack Lothian. And having read the script, I can confirm that he has done a stellar job. 

Some people have asked me how faithful an adaptation this will be? Does it bother me that as a writer you lose control of the outcome? 

Not really. Writers do need to let go of their work. In fact they do this all the time – particularly on publication day. Very quickly the book and its characters become the property of someone else – the reader, who each brings their own interpretation and imagination to the work. 

Of course the film will be different to the book. It’s rare that a completely faithful adaptation works on screen. New characters raise their heads, some plotlines disappear altogether. 

I wrote in The Ghost Hunters that I like to imagine that Harry Price and his assistant, Sarah Grey, are out there somewhere investigating cases of the paranormal. 

The forthcoming film will realise this hope. Harry Price is the star. And Sarah Grey is coming with him for the ride. 

The film will shoot at Pinewood Studios and I’ll be posting some photos from the set right here. Stay tuned folks; things are about to get exciting… 


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