Tonight – Will the Borley Ghost walk again?

Today it is exactly 114 years to the day that the four daughters of the Rev. Henry Dawson Ellis Bull first saw the infamous phantom nun in the grounds of the Rectory:

Here is the original story as related by Harry Price:

'They were returning from a garden-party on July 28th, 1900, and, as they entered the grounds of the Rectory, saw a young woman in the garb of a nun, telling her beads with bowed head, as she half walked, half glided, along the Nun's Walk. The three sisters (Ethel, Freda, and Mabel), then young women, were petrified with fear. They stood by the summer-house and watched her. One of the girls fetched another sister, Elsie. The four of them stood staring at the nun. Then Elsie made a movement as if to approach her. The figure stopped, turned her face towards the group, and instantly vanished. She had ''an expression of intense grief on her face.'''

(The End of Borley Rectory. Harry Price. 1947)

Ethel Bull's best account of the sighting of the 'Nun' was recorded in 1947 by the BBC, in her own words.

'I was walking round the garden with two of my sisters, and they'd been to a garden party and telling me an amusing story that had happened. And then they wondered I didn't take any notice and they looked down at me, and I said "Look there's a nun walking there". And I was terrified and so were they when they saw her - and it sent cold shivers down our backs and we simply flew up to the house. And then we saw my eldest sister who was staying with us and she said "Oh I'm not going to be frightened", so she came down, and when she saw the nun she made to go across the potato bed to meet the nun, and the nun turned and came as it were to meet her, and she was seized with panic and simply flew up to the house.

(Ethel Bull, recorded on Tuesday 17th June 1947 by the BBC)

So, if you find yourself in Borley this evening, stay alert.

The Nun may walk again. 




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