Launch Week Diary (Mon-Weds)


‘Happy Publication Week!’ reads an email from Jo Dickinson, my editor at Quercus. (And she’s a terrific editor, at that. The sort that circles above, keenly eyeing all the structural problems, then swoops down to sort it.)

‘I’ll see you at the launch on the 31st,’ her email reads, and that makes me realise just how important this week is. Three years of hard work have led to this. And yet… on publication day I know: there will be no fanfare, no applause. The novel will slip out into the world, onto the shelves of shops all over the country, and through the letterboxes of hundreds.

The last thing I read before falling asleep is an email from a commissioning editor in drama for a TV company, ‘Thanks for my book,’ it reads, ‘I can’t wait to read it.’


My eyes snap open and I blink into the sunlight slanting in through the bedroom blinds. Just 2 days to go until publication!

The thought brings me to my feet and leads me to the computer where I hurriedly bash out an email to another newspaper reporter (not begging, but almost) for coverage.

Then it’s into a taxi and across London to with publicity materials to Foyles on the Tottenham Court Road where tonight I’m giving a reading and book signing (the second on so far).

A text message buzzes in my pocket: The Notting Hill Bookshop (from the great film Love Actually) want me to go in and give a signing on Thursday. ‘Great,’ I type out, ‘I’ll be there.’

Coffee. Check Twitter. Some of my lovely followers are discussing the book. One of them just bought it. In Leeds! ‘I didn’t think it was out yet?’ I ask myself. But this keen reader isn’t lying. She’s even taken a photo of the book…in her handbag! And for some reason, this thrills me indescribably.

Into office. Computer on. And…HELLO! Here’s an email from my publicist confirming a radio interview for next week with BBC Radio Wales. And - ping - another, this one from the Huffington Post requesting an interview.

I sit back and smile. It’s happening, finally. It’s happening.


The eve of publication. Today I was planning to rest. But what’s this? The novel is back at Number 1 in the Amazon Hot New Releases of Horror and Twitter is alive. The explanation hits me with a thud when an exciting email from my publicist comes through: “The Sunday Times have reviewed it!”

It’s a good review, too. Thank heavens! They call it “Surprising, serpentine and clever.” Hurrah!

Pizza for me tonight with my best friend. Then bed. And tomorrow…the day for which I have waited, finally arrives.

Sleep well all. 

Neil x



The Ghost Hunters is published by Quercus tomorrow(!), you can order your copy here


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