"Events, my dear!"

If you've been following my updates on the long road to publication (thank you) then you'll know that publication date is almost upon us. 13 days away.

The book was finished way back before summer, and then this moment couldn't have been further away. But tempus fugit. Here we are. And how do I feel?

The truth is, this is as stressful as it gets folks. Why? You ask. Surely your job as the author is done?

Well, no. Because this book took a long time to write. It deserves to be brought into the world with care and respect and a bloody great party.

So I've been hard at it and I hope you'll find the results worth it. Over the next few weeks I’ll be spending every second of every day promoting Harry Price and His mad adventures at Borley rectory. Expect tweets profiling some of my favourite lines from the book, expect a few surprises, and lots of photos. Of what you ask?

Events dear reader. Lots of them!

I’ll be revisiting the scenes in the book and speaking at book shops across London.

Here is a brief summary of where you can find me and how you can book tickets:

17 Oct, Senate House, The Magical Library - Bloomsbury Festival, 6.30pm

Looking forward to this one!

8th floor lift lights

"There had already been rumours about the eighth floor." It's true! Because that's where Harry Price, the nation's most enigmatic ghost hunter, left his vast collection of books and séance related artefacts.

And thanks to the good people who run the haunted Senate House, some of them will be on display at this first event to mark the launch of the novel.

It's sold out. So if you want to come, please turn up at the door and I am sure we'll find you a place!



22 Oct, Foyles Bookshop, 6.30 pm

Foyles books logo

London's most famous book shop, and National Bookshop of the Year, FOYLES have asked me to give an evening talk for them on ghosts and the Borley Rectory haunting, two days from publication. How could I resist?! 

You can book tickets, just click here: http://www.foyles.co.uk/Public/Events/Detail.aspx?eventId=2064


24 Oct, Publication Day! The Notting Hill Bookshop, 7.30pm 

Notting Hill blue sign

Another famous bookshop, which you might have seen in that ever so lovely movie, Notting Hill. Come and enjoy a reading, a glass of wine, and I'll sign your book for you, too!


Weds 30 Oct, Waterstones, Gower Street, 6.30pm 

Waterstones bookshop

A talk on the historical inspiration for 'The Ghost Hunters. What was the truth about the enigmatic paranormal detective Harry Price, whose magical library was stored on the haunted 8th floor of Senate House? Was his death connected with his investigation of the famous Borley Rectory in Suffolk? 

Come one, come all, just dial 020 7636 1577 to reserve your place!


Thurs 31 Oct, Halloween VIP Candlelit Reading, College of Psychic Studies, 7.30pm (Invitation only)

Queensberry Place

This is the big one! I am sure that Harry Price and Conan Doyle would approve, too. Well, I hope so! Because this event, sponsored by Barefoot Wines, is in the very building where Harry Price ran his laboratory. What could be more perfect than that!?  



I hope you can make it along to some, or all of these. You can of course also read an excerpt of The Ghost Hunters here and pre-order your copy for delivery on the day of release here. And please don't forget to share your thoughts on Goodreads and Amazon and Twitter once you've read it.

That really helps create a buzz for a new release. And please come find me at one of these great events, and i'll be delighted not only to see you, and to thank you, but to sign your copy, too. :-)




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