It has finally arrived

Yesterday, the moment I have dreamt about for a very long time finally arrived. A courier delivered something rather special to my London office… 

The first copy of my debut novel, The Ghost Hunters.   

And in a warehouse somewhere in central London there are thousands more copies, stacks of them, ready to fly out to book shops all over the country and into the hands of all you lovely readers. But this particular copy is special. Because it’s the very first copy

It’s an incredibly strange and satisfying moment, seeing the book at last. Holding it.

Boasting a proud, elegant cover, and striking illustrations by Portia Rosenberg, it really couldn’t look more gorgeous.

I feel a frenzy of emotions as I turn it over in my hands, thinking about all the people who have worked so hard on this: the editors, the illustrators, the designers, the printers, the book binders, the warehouse men…

I think about the characters, events, places and histories pressed between its pages that have lived in my head for three years, and now, finally, the time for reading approaches…a time of spiritualism, séances and chill winds. A time of ghosts, when a Rectory in Essex fixated the country with stories of voices in empty rooms and writing on the wall. 

A time when one man decided to investigate….


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The Ghost Hunters is published by Quercus on October 24th, you can pre-order your copy today.


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